Here are the classic works of Spurgeon, Calvin, Wesley, Finney, Drummond, Augustine, Torrey, and many, many more just waiting to be read and appreciated by someone like you -- a connoisseur of fine Christian books.

At CCL we have spent countless hours in research and development attempting to find the best Christian books that have ever been written so that you could own one of the finest digital theological libraries that has ever been produced. With over 300 much sought after titles included, this is the most comprehensive collection of its kind.

There is no "junk" or "filler" on this CD. Only the finest works available were included in this collection so you can be sure you will receive the best material available.

Here is a sampling of what you will receive (click here for full list): 

  • 45 Volume Commentary Set by John Calvin

  • 7 Volume Eusebius' Ecclesiastical History

  • The People's New Testament Commentary by B.H. Johnson

  • 8 Volume History of the Christian Church by Philip Schaff

  • The Personal Journal of John Wesley

  • A Collection of the Most Important Creeds/Statements of Faith

  • 53 Volume Collection of Charles Spurgeon's Sermons

  • E.M. Bounds Complete Works on Prayer


Thank you for putting together the Christian Classics Library CD. These are timeless treasures of Christian inspiration, history and knowledge that you have put at my fingertips. I not only use them for personal devotion and growth, but I use them in my ministry of teaching and preaching. Continued success!



Dr. Bob Lewis, Executive Director

Sacramento Association of Southern Baptist Churches

Sacramento, California




To those who haven't yet ordered the Christian Classics Library CD,

I encourage you to do so right away. I just received mine -- and it's so jam-packed with power-packed material, I can't believe it! And I haven't even scratched the surface yet.


There's something here for every person who loves the Word. It's almost a seminary education on a CD. AND, it's worth FAR more than the nominal price.


Don't leave your computer without it! Highly recommended. . . and then some.



Dale E. Strand

Christian Composer, Lyricist, Minister



Simply put, this collection is going to blow you away. And to top it all off, these books are all in Adobe (PDF) format, allowing you to search individual volumes to aid you in your reading and research. This collection is also fantastic for Church Libraries!

So how much is all this going to cost? We knew that we could easily charge many times more than this amount for such a great collection, but our purpose is to get this CD into the hands of as many people as possible. So we are offering this incredible assortment of Christian Classics on one CD for only $97 $57.00 for a limited time!



BONUS #1: The Complete Bible Basics Program

  • Complete Teacher's Guide for 13 Lessons

  • Complete Reproducible Student's Guide

  • Complete PowerPoint Files for all 13 Lessons

BONUS #2: Theophilos Bible Study Software v. 3.0

"In my opinion, this is what Bible software should be all about."
Dr. J. D. "Doc" Watson, Technical Editor of Christian Computing Magazine

 "Well designed and easy to expand"
Mark A. Kellner, Hands-On Columnist, Los Angeles Times

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